Monday, November 14, 2011

Stuffed Pork Chops and a how to video

Tonight we had stuffed pork chops.  We do often stray from chicken on the menu but my hubby does love a good pork dish.  So I saw a good deal on think cut pork chops and that Stove Top has a new Apple Stuffing so our Friday night dinner now had a plan.

I combined two techniques that I've used before to prepare my chops: brineing and salting (if there is a cooking term for this I don't know it).  I know you're thinking that these are the same things but the difference is that when I've brined my chops in the past I soak them in a salt water solution, usually over night, in a cold environment.  Salting is something I picked up from The Steamy Kitchen.  You set the meat out to come up to warm temperature and salt it liberally. 

Ok so the chops have now set out for about 1 1/2 hours and I've rinsed them and patted them dry.  I used boneless thick cut pork chops for this.  Bones don't make good stuffing examples.

I had a friend ask me how one actually stuffs a pork chop so I have made a short how to video.  It's pretty simple and makes for a yummy surprise.

 Once the pork chops were stuffed and lightly breaded, I added a bit of butter to a very hot pan. *Note: adding the butter when you begin to stuff the chops only results in burned butter*

Cook for about 5-6 min on each side getting a nice sear on the chops.  Then in a 325 degree oven I put the whole pan in the oven until the middle chop reached 170 (using my trusty probe thermometer).

Turned out delicious!  The chops were moist and the salt is balanced by the sweet apples in the stuffing.  So there you go, now you can eat what we had!

Until we eat again!

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  1. A video!! So cool! How did B like them?? I recognized the outfit from our hang-=- hope I didn't overstay my welcome and extend into the cooking show portion of the evening...sounds like a great recipe! Would love to know if it was as excellent as it looks!