Sunday, November 20, 2011

Candy Corn Cookies

My boss' favorite fall treat is candy corn. Well candy corn mixed with peanuts.  When you think of Halloween or a fun fall candy one of the first that comes to mind is candy corn.  Did you know it was invented in the 1880's, that's not a typo...over 100 years ago this sweet treat was born!  There are several varieties, candy corn scented candles, even M&M's got on the candy corn craze this fall.

Now, personally, I am not a fan of the candy.  I know, this could possibly put my citizenship into question but, eh, it's just not for me.  My kids on the other hand LOVE them.  So when I came across this blog post from these amazing women at for candy corn sugar cookies I was intrigued.

Its pretty simple an my kids loved helping me.  You need the following:

A good sugar cookie recipe. I used this great recipe from Easy Sugar Cookies
Red and yellow food color
A square container to put dough in lined with plastic wrap I used a bread loaf pan
Knife and cutting board
White chocolate or almond bark

Prepare your sugar cookie dough and divide it into thirds.  Take one third and place it in the lined container. It should be about an inch thick.  Mine only went about 2/3 of the way across the pan.

Next put the remaining two thirds back into your mixing bowl and add yellow food coloring until its bright yellow.  I lost count of how many drops I used.  When you get the yellow you like take the dough out and divide in half.  Take on of the halves and layer it on top of your first "white/uncolored" layer.  About the same thickness as the first.

Place the remaining dough back into your mixing bowl and add red food coloring until you get a bright orange.  Again layer the orange on top of the yellow...unfortunately I was so excited that this actually worked I didnt' take a picture of this step. Cover the rest of the dough with plastic wrap and refrigerate for about an hour.

Take your cookie dough "loaf" out of the pan and place (unwrapped) on a cutting board.  Now cut slices about 1/4 inch thick.  Then cut the slices into triangles, thus making candy corns. I finally remembered I owned a camera at this point so now the show and tell can begin!

I think they are so pretty!
I have to say my bubble deflated a bit when my hubby pointed out that there were "upside down" candy corns...but this can't be helped.  We decorated a few before baking with decorating sugar.  It gives that jewel like quality after baking.

My little chef!!
Bake according to your cookie recipe.  I'd also advise checking them about 3 min early incase your "corns" are a little one the thin side.

I used white chocolate chips and melted them and a double boiler.  I did have to turn the heat on and of so as to not seize up my chocolate.  Then I "painted" the cookies.

My budding chefs then took over the sprinkle decorating.  They decorated all the cookies...and most of my kitchen floor!

They tasted very yummy and looked great too!

What's your favorite fall candy?  Do you have any great recipes that your kids love to help you make?

Until we eat again!

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  1. I would totally make these too because I do NOT like candy corn either, but I LOVE sugar cookies!! Yippee!