Monday, May 14, 2012

My cooking sidekick - Allrecipes

I love to cook.  My husband has grown to love to cook.  I have so many fond memories of my Dad baking when I was little and one of my favorite classes in high school was Home Economics.  Cooking is my favorite medium to love on other people and it is also a stress relief (usually) for me.  My kids are always asking to see and help in the kitchen so I'm passing this love down I think.

I began my married life with 2 cookbooks by Better Homes and Gardens and little knowledge of how "cooking" actually worked.  Slowly I'm learning the science of cooking...very slowly.  My hubby used to be a very boring eater...veggies, anything that lived in the water, creams (cream cheese, sour cream etc), and diverse cheeses were not to be on the table (I'm happy to say many of those things have since changed) so I had little motivation to learn why food/recipes turned out the way they do.  My cookbooks were handy but we rarely ventured out of our standard boxed dinner/take out comfort zone and I was a little lazy and didn't like flipping through the books.

Fast forward several years, a few kids, and many technological light years later and you'll find my family in the kitchen the majority of most evenings.  I love the internet and the ease with which you can find anything...ANYTHING.  I especially love  I honestly don't really remember not having Allrecipes but  at one terrible point in the past (about 15 years ago) it wasn't there, now I use it almost daily.  Grocery lists, nutritional info, serving scaling, ingredient search and so much more ~ at no charge to my budget loving self!  I love love love the ratings and reviews options and the Hall of Fame recipes, I could go on about how good those are ~ but I guess if they weren't well they wouldn't have made the hall of fame.  Now I participate in a fantastic group Allrecipes Allstars.  If you're interesed go here to find out more information and apply to join in the culinary fun. 

So in short I'd say that has inspired, taught, entertained, challenged me and so much more!  So what are you waiting for...go see what Allrecipes is all about!

Until we eat again,



  1. Hi Shasty,
    You stopped by my blog and asked a question about my Patchwork Headboard. I replied there since you are a noreply commentor, but I wanted to make sure you got the answer to your question. Here's my response:

    Thank you for finding that mistake! You are correct that you could only get 9 squares from a yard of fabric. I went back and counted my squares, so I could figure out what I did...I actually had about a yard and a third of the orange fabric, because there are 12 orange squares. The white fabric was wider that fabric typically is, so I was about to get 10 squares out of that. There are 9 squares of the green and yellow fabrics, so I only had a yard of those.

    So the long and short of it is that you'll need to get a yard and a third of each fabric if you want the same number of squares for each color. Fabric typically measures 45 inches across (some is even wider at 60 inches across), so a yard and a third will typically give you 45x48 inches...more than enough to cut ten squares.

    Thanks, again for finding that mistake!

  2. Isn't Allrecipes great?? I discovered it way back when it was still separate sites-,, etc. It's really hard to remember a time when I haven't relied on it!