Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Buttered popcorn!

My husband really likes to watch movies.  I think that my 3 girls have inherited this trait as they are enchanted until the very end with almost every movie we allow them to watch.  One thing we all like to do is munch.  In the summer I try to keep a veggie tray stocked and ready to go at the first sounds of, "Mom, I'm hungry".  But veggies and a movie don't go hand in hand as much as Popcorn and a Movie!

My amazing hubby surprised us with a movie and the girls were thrilled when I got out our air popper.  I made Smoky Spiced Buttered Popcorn found on Go Bold With Butter's website.  My girls at first were afraid that it would be spicy instead of spiced.  They quickly realized that it wasn't spicy at all, but had a great flavor.  Perfect teaching moment for my budding chefs spice isn't always spicy.  *Note* This recipe was the perfect amount for 1/2 C air popped popcorn. 

Butter definitely evokes alot of memories (yes there is more to butter than Paul Dean).  I think of my dad making homemade stuffing every Thanksgiving morning.  Every time I smell onions sauteing in butter my mind is taken back to my childhood home.   Or making garlic toast with my hubby and realizing that a french loaf either needs LOTS of butter or less bread to get it to where we wanted it.  Another memory is my first taste of artichokes.  I remember seeing my parents eating these crazy leaves and they told me they were artichokes.  So a quick lesson on how to eat it and several dunks in the melted garlic butter, I was on the road to becoming a food lover.

What's your favorite snack?  Do you try to eat healthier snacks or is that when you are a bit more on the indulgent side?

Until we eat again.

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